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Introduction to the development software by Péter Báli

 The aim of the LogIQal GraphIQal software: to improve problem-solving thinking and creat ivity by solving complex visual problems, which require logical and manual actions. During the solving of the exercises many centers of the brain play an active role, thus different areas of the brain are stimulated. As a result, according to my assumptions, connections form in the brain which later help the children to solve new problems, and facilitate a fast improvement. The exercise groups of the development program contain about 500 exercise sheets, which vary in both activities and appearance, and they are loosely connected to each other thus easily adjustable to the level of a given group. Certain sheets with different wordings and different assistance levels are applicable to the improvement of weaker students, and to the development and talent support of smarter students. The thinking wall was born as a side-product of the LogIQal GraphIQal program. The numerous graphical elements of the thinking wall makes it possible for the known logical exercises to be processed individually or in a group. Work spend on the logical wall is done voluntarily and in free time and breaks.

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